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coming soon releases:

  • Weather man – Krrunt forecast New e.p
  • ComplementNeuro clip New e.p
  • Paracoaster – Things happen New e.p


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 TECHNOPHOBIA RECORDS proud to present

V/A – Twisted Reaction (Compiled by Geek) FEATURING TRACKS FROM

Dharana,Vaeya,Flicker Light,Geometory,Radioactive Cake,Kromagon,Rollercoaster and more….


V/A – Uncommercial Behavior (Compiled by Geek)

UnCommercial behavior is Another extremely massive smashing comp’
colorful, different,deep, groovy Psytech till dark progressive twisted zenonquse loaded with full of deep horizon atmosphere.

track list:

  1. Otkun –  The Cavern
  2. Limbo – Lost Inspace
  3. Kliment – Glassbowl
  4. Geometory – Dimensionless
  5. Tystix – Loose Kanallas
  6. Sensient – Animal Spaces
  7. Dr. Strangefunk – Locally Grown
  8. Mo-T – Spiraling down the charas hole
  9. Fractaleyes – Brainforest
  10. Krumeler – ICBM Airlines (Ryanosaurus Remix)
  11. Gnosis – Knopkirrie

Art Work & Design: Otkun

Mastering: Geek



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