Tomple2oon is solo project of Tompson Pierce, born and raised in the Cairns region. A vast land of beauty and uplifting toroidal pleasantries. His love of life, openness of expression, excessive laughter, Synchronised ascension and countless heightened experiences has influenced everything in his world. Many years of committed, outdoor bush navigation and a deep passion for bassy music, intertwine and inspire his rhythmical creations. He is an full blown addict of experimental, progressive, psychedelic audio synthesis.  Over several years Tomple2oon evolved into a solid and positive, dance-floor friendly, hybrid mechanical, progressive trance weapon, dosed with fun and melodic elements, chakra peeling substances and possessed by a dark, smooth skinned, subterranean, synaptic mind control swoop demon. With Releases alongside artists like, Grouch, One Tasty Morsel, Positive Thought, Vaeya, Triptaktik, Malfunktion, Krumelur, Radioactive cake, Zeamoon, Reactant, Pspiralife, Minimal Criminal, and More!!! ..



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