Superstylin –A.K.A Alina Kibak was born in 1987 in Bat-Yam Israel, from her early years she was circled by musicians, one huge impact of them was Astrix ( Avi Shmailov) which in his early years had a project with her brother.

in 2008 when she decided to express her mind and fillings to the crowd, there were 2 top notch Djs that helped her begin, Yaniv ben Ari ( U Recken) and Kobi Toledano (Loud(.

She has been hearing electronic music since she remembers herself, big lover of Down Tempo as well, but influenced by a lot of Jazz, Rock, Swing, Blues, and Athnic Instrumental.


Superstylin , has another project where she plays Electro Swing and Glitch Hop.


As her name, brings something groovy and funky but yet darky and progressive to her sets,

Her approach is to touch the dark progressive with some funky beats mixed along.


Whats special about her Sets is that she mixes quotes from places you never thought about, that just sits right on the tune!



Alina been playing in many festivals and Bush parties in Israel and abroad, India and New York as well, she is one worth following after, if you want some groove and colour in your life J


Agency: Technophobia Records Booking


The artist

Nationality: ISRAEL