Born and raised in East Germany, I moved to southern Germany in the 90’s.

My musical education began when I was living in the Stuttgart area. Close to the end of the classical Techno decade in ’97 I was spending many time in clubs.

Around millennium I got in contact with psychedelic trance at an open air party.

I the same time I was starting to produce sound, but caused to family action with my wife and my 2 kids, travelling and the search of the meaning of life, I stopped it again. After I attend to the legendary “Kannibalen Massaker” in 2012 , Bavaria’s biggest outdoor psy festival, I start to spin the decks as often as I had the possibility to do, organized small psy parties and finally teamed up with the “Fusszucker” crew.
I also have a deco project, called root art, based on the fact that I’ m an artisan for the last years. This is mainly a minimalistic biomechanical decoration experiment, as I don’t need that overload of UV deco anymore. I exposed my art on many small and bigger parties, like the legendary “Gaggalacka” festival.


Agency: Technophobia Booking


The artist

Nationality: Germany