In 2003 Myad picked up turntables and learned the art of performance while treating listeners to the cutting edge drum and bass of the time, until 2007 when wildfires at the time, claimed the homes in his area of the forest. Managing to save his computer, music equipment, and a few clothes he found himself starting his life anew at the age of 22. He found himself pulled to the Mojave Desert, where he came across the Moontribe Collective. It was there he was first introduced to true, psychedelic sound without walls, and his life was forever changed for the better. With a new passion for such an expressive mental sound, Myad began to play psychedelic techno and breaks (under his real name). In 2011 Myad began creating original music and releasing it to the world. His first signed ep was released 5 months after he began producing, and he has been building his library ever since. In June of 2014 his “Compatible Form” Ep (released on Horns and Hoofs Entertainment) reached #32 on Beatport’s Top 100 Psytrance Releases. His work has been featured on releases alongside, Metzanima, Terrakroma, Tom Cosm, Faxi Nadu, Opsy, and more! Keep an ear out for this performer on a soundsystem near you!


Agency: Technophobia booking


The artist

Nationality: Usa,L.A