“A cosmic vibration between darkness and light. “


This is how Christos perceive his music as an artist!


Having grown up in the mid-nineties in Greece his interest for the electronic sound quickly came to the surface! In the past years he liked to listen and collect various music genres concluding with a quite large mixture of musical influences!

As an “anxious” human being fascinated by spirituality and the beauty found in nature, influenced by pain, happiness, fear and love he quicly met his inner world!

He remained there for some years living, observing and collecting experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions in a try to understand life and the different opticals that life may have! Through his inner journey the need for creation welled and decided to create the project HEADWELLER.

Having a free way of thinking and a panoramic view of music he is not restricted to a specific genre. As the situation changes the music changes. His music generally could be characterized as hypnotic, dark and deep covered by melancholic melodies and mystical atmospheres with big doses of psychedelia. No matter of tempo or genre.

Nowdays Christos is preparing some tracks that will be very soon online so he can share with the world his music and his thoughts situated in a search for inspiration in every possible angle of existence!

So stay tuned for more music creation and self expression!


“Peace,Love And Light”


Agency: Technophobia booking


The artist

Nationality: Greece