Gabriel Gomez (Gao) starts producing in 2010, after having experienced in music as a teenager, studies of electric bass in jazz school Concepcion in Chile.

2009, begins producing and later founded the Digital recorder with Yonkis (Moaiact -Gesh- Zlott) immediately quit his job as an advertising creative and goes into the mountains of the valley the trancas (Chile) to start producing parallel with his other project (Rollercoaster). Gao is fusion progresive and forest between 138 y 143 bpm, under the style that self define ( forest Progressive), all sounds are influenced by the nature and the forest where he lives, but also interesting give messages with real content life (love-astronomy -filosofía- policy – environment, etc, thus making his live act on a journey to create awareness in their auditors.

Gao already has presented at major festivals in South America and is part of the family records sharing Uroboros record company with world-renowned artists, Scene Dark Progressive.


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