About us


Technophobia brings you high quality, intelligent, deep and dark progressive, underground Zenonesque music. A line of music which puts an emphasis on delivering funky, groovy tech, while being laced with wit and precision which will transfer you to a psychedelic explosion soaked in color.

Release your phobia through the music…

Technophobia is a innovative, fresh, young label that was founded by Geek (Adam Zubara). Our label tends to represent a line of unique, clean, quality music while putting an emphasis on a specific high quality genre which can go from dark, sophisticated and mechanical techno to witty and intelligent progressive. A Zenonesque style seasoned with elements of depth to take the listener to an unstable atmosphere, a trip to the unbeknown. Desert music full of soul that will cause you conflicting feelings such as fear, joy, melancholy, depth and freedom causing you to shout out to the breath taking horizon.

Our other priority is to promote our artists, our new creators. We have some of the most up and coming talents on the scene who we totally believe in and want nothing more than for them to reach and surpass their potential at every opportunity. We also have the honor of working with some of the most established and appreciated, world renown artists in the industry who we love and always enjoy partnering with. We love mixing our new talents with the more experienced and mature talents to create a musical bond that is not only special and diverse but also loving and embracing.

On that note, we are excited to introduce to you a new generation of hand picked, talented artists from all over the world who will deliver a colorful style while fitting in to our agenda of supplying you with sophisticated, clean, innovative and high quality music.

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